Diet for diabetics

Diet for diabetics

 Diet for diabetics
 Diet for diabetics
Diet for diabetics.  A well made diet for diabetics is simply a plan healthy meals that will help you maintain low levels of sugar in your blood. Here we will help you to plan your meals, exchanging non-healthy ingredients by other healthy and learn to count some carbohydrates (this article is based on what the United States Association of Diabetes, the authority on diabetes)

Diet for diabetics - Concept of diet for diabetics

Diet for diabetics is also known as medical nutrition therapy to treat diabetes. It is defined as the process of eating a variety of nutritious foods in moderate amounts and subject to the established meal times.

Rather than submit to a strict diet, it is best to have a diet that is composed of nutrients and foods rich in vitamins and minerals which prevent the consumption of fat and calories. Diet for diabetics is ideal for anyone since its focus is mainly on fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Purpose of a diet for diabetics

If you currently have diabetes or prediabetes, your family doctor recommended mainly consult a nutritionist which will guide you through the changes in diet should be taken to maintain an optimal level of sugar in the body and control your weight.

When you eat foods high in fat and calories the body responds negatively altering the level of glucose in your body. If the level of glucose in the body is maintained at a level higher than normal can cause severe problems such as complications of the heart, kidneys, and retina.

Select nutritious foods for your diet for diabetics and keep good habits to eat help to maintain a level of glucose low blood and prevent these complications.

For the majority of people with type 2 diabetes, with only lose weight you can control glucose in the blood and this can give you many health benefits. If you need to lose weight, the diet for diabetics you can offers an organized, nutritious and effective way of reaching the goal safely.

Diet for diabetics - Details of the diet for diabetics

A nutritionist can help you create a diet personalized according to your goals, food tastes and your kind of life where provide you enough information to change your eating habits of effective and safe.
List of recommended foods:

Get your calories consumed accountable with this type of nutritious foods from the diet for diabetics:

Healthy carbohydrates: during the digestive process all kinds of sugar consumed becomes glucose in the blood. It is important to eat healthy as fruits, vegetables, whole grain carbohydrates (this is in Studio today, may be harmful for ti, I if outside you would avoid it), legumes and dairy products low in fat as yogurt (also would prevent this, although recommended by the United States Association of Diabetes).
Foods rich in fiber: dietary fiber is excellent for preventing heart disease and gastrointestinal. Fiber-rich foods are vegetables, fruits, nuts, vegetables, beans, lentils, germ of wheat and whole grains (the latter four food them would also, although recommended by the United States Association of Diabetes).
Eating fish twice a week: the fish is an excellent alternative to red meat. Fish such as salmon, tuna, mackerel and sardines contain fatty acids omega-3 which help maintain low levels of triglycerides and optimal health of the heart in the long term. It is important to avoid eating fried fish and those fish with high mercury levels.
Good fats: foods containing fats monounsaturated and polyunsaturated such as avocado, almonds, nuts, olives and oils can be incredibly lower cholesterol levels. It is important to consume these foods moderately since they contain a high level of calories.

Foods that should be avoided:

Diabetes increases the risk of heart disease by accelerating the development of clogged arteries of cholesterol. Following diabetic diet foods can alter the progress of a healthy diet for diabetics:

Saturated fat: dairy products high in fat and animal meat as beef, sausages and Bacon all meat contains saturated fats. It is recommended not to consume more than 7% of calories from saturated daily FAT volume.

Trans fats: this type of fat can be found in processed foods, baked foods, sugars and margarine. They must be avoided at all costs.

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